Processing school admissions with skools is easy. Once your online admission form is set up, you can include the link to apply on your website, share it on your social media platforms or any other channels.

Processing School Admissions with Skools

If a new candidate has applied, you receive a notification via your email and your Skools admin dashboard.

Upon log in, Click on the ‘Applicants’ tab to view a list of all those who have applied for a particular form. A summary of all applicants is displayed at the top including total number of male and female applicants.

processing online admissions

You can filter the list of applicants based on different admission forms and preset classes. For example, you can choose to view only applicants into js1.

Click on each applicant on the list to view details including general information, academic history, all uploaded documents e.g passports/id and guardian details.

processing online admissions

processing online admissions

Print a candidates application form or exam card if required.

After an applicant is screened according to your criteria, you can choose to award them admission or invite them to an interview with the click of a button. Just click on send email, type in your message and send immediately.

processing online admissions

You can then change the student’s admission status to either pending, awarded, rejected  etc. Be sure to include the class the student is being awarded into.

Move on to the next applicant!

The records remain saved and you can always re-open an applicants application if the need  arises.