Online Admission Payment with skool

On skools, Your online applicants can pay your application fee or use a scratch card they’ve bought. You set it up while creating a  new application, what types of payments are avaialable.

Skools Online Admission Management features and dashboard

Managing your online admissions with is effective because yiu wont lose records

Tabs on dashboard:

applications, applicants, configuration, profile, transactions, admissions

change the form settings/requirements

edit form design, preview and close/open form – many forms can be open at once, you can close form when necessary, Re-use the same form

view applicants at a glance and filter, award admissions/reject/contact, all records are saved

you can change school config at any time – school info, classes, sections, sessions etc

update your profile settings

You can edit in word an upload as a form template

You can view transactions & payment history which include total amount from forms sold, revenue for each form and breakdown of each student, mode of payment, date and amount

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