Admission Management System Features and Dashboard

Your dashboard is easy to navigate to make managing your online applications as simple as possible!

Once you are logged in, these are the tabs you will be able to see on your dashboard:

Admission Management System –Applications

Track all application forms you have created. Open or close applications as necessary depending on school management policy – more than one application form can be open at once. You may also change the settings for any given form by clicking on the tab. Settings include payment options, required fields and more.

Edit form design and preview before sending out a new form or  re-opening an old form next admission season.

Admission Management System –Applicants

Screen all online applicants at a glance. Quickly filter applicants based on class or application form. Award admissions, reject or contact applicants right there from your dashboard! All records are saved and can be revisited again next term – another reason why managing your online admissions on is so effective.

Admission Management System –Configuration

Change your school profile settings whenever you need to – basic school information, classes, sections and sessions can be updated at any given time. You may also upload a pre-designed admission form in .doc or .docx format (word document) and save as a form template.

Admission Management System –Transactions

View transactions & payment history  including total revenue from admission forms sold, amount made for each application form and a breakdown of payment made by each student, mode of payment, date and amount.

Admission Management System –Admissions

Once you have set up and reviewed your application form, click on admissions & share the link to your online admissions platform on your website and social media channels.

Sit back & Watch the applicants roll in!

Online Admission Payment with Skools

On, potential candidates can access your schools application form and apply right away after paying the application fee.

Candidates can make payments via online payment or using a scratch card, if you choose. Configure payment settings for each separate application on your dashboard by selecting  from the options depending on the payment methods you require. One or more payment options can be selected.