2023/24 Academic Session CRUTECH School Fees Breakdown

CRUTECH School Fees – As the new academic session approaches, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar has released the updated school fees schedule for remedial students, freshers, and returning students. In this article, we will provide you with the latest information regarding CRUTECH tuition fees, payment procedures, and important deadlines. Whether you’re a prospective student or a current one, this article will serve as your comprehensive guide to CRUTECH school fees for the 2023/24 academic session.

CRUTECH Acceptance Fees

For all who met the CRUTECH cut-off mark, came out successful in the CRUTECH Post UTME Screening, and were subsequently admitted (UTME and Direct Entry), it is mandatory to pay a non-refundable acceptance fee of thirty thousand Naira (N30,000). This payment confirms your acceptance of the admission offer extended by CRUTECH. Failure to pay the acceptance fee may result in the forfeiture of your admission.

CRUTECH School Fees for 2023/2024

The current school fees at the Cross River State University of Technology, Calabar (CRUTECH) amount to ₦89,500 for both new and old students. However, it is important to note that the specific fees for each department can be found on the official website of the school. To obtain the exact fees for your course as a new student, please visit the department’s section on the official CRUTECH website. Payments can also be made through the online portal provided by the university.

Please be aware that the fee amounts for CRUTECH Part-time, Postgraduates, Direct Entry, and Freshers may vary. Upon visiting crutech.edu.ng, you will find a breakdown of the fees on the portal, specifically tailored to your course.

It is worth noting that CRUTECH School Fees are generally similar for all courses, including Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Law, and others. For more detailed information regarding the fees for specific courses, you can visit www.unicross.edu.ng

We have provided an updated School Fees Schedule for both newly admitted students and existing students at the Cross River State University of Technology, Calabar. All students are required to make payments, including acceptance fees and school fees, through the CRUTECH payment portal. Additionally, students are advised to complete any other necessary activities through the portal as well.

The Cross River State University of Technology, Calabar emphasizes that late payment of fees will result in penalties, including additional charges. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the specified deadlines and make prompt payments to avoid any inconvenience or extra charges.

For more detailed information and updates, please visit the official CRUTECH website at www.unicross.edu.ng.

Please note that the provided fees are the total cost for each student and are subject to periodic updates by the university. Any changes or adjustments to CRUTECH fees for the first and second semesters will be duly communicated in this article.

CRUTECH School Fees for Returning Students 2023

All returning students are advised to pay their school fees before the specified deadline. Failure to do so may result in complications. The deadline for payment of school fees has been announced by CRUTECH, and it is essential for both freshers and returning students to comply to avoid any issues.

Science-related courses and direct entry students should also take note of the updated CRUTECH school fees for their respective programs. To access the current fee schedule, please visit the official CRUTECH portal at www.unicross.edu.ng.

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