Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment – Application Details

The National Population Commission (NPC) is responsible for the Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment. The National Population Commission has revealed that a total of 885,000 people will be recruited for the 2023 Population and Housing Census which was previously scheduled for May 2023. It may also interest you to know that The Commission allocated roughly N77 billion for the training of 885,000 people on the listing of all buildings and families in the country for seven days as part of its crucial requirement for the 2023 Census.

Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal and Application

To apply for Census Adhoc Staff recruitment, interested candidates are required to visit the official Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal at On the portal, you will find the Adhoc Staff Recruitment form for the year 2023. The application process is conducted online, providing a convenient and accessible method for interested applicants to register.


Important Notice:

It is crucial to emphasize that the Census Adhoc Staff application is free. Aspirants are advised to take note of this important detail while considering their application for any job vacancy at the National Population Commission. The application form can be obtained online through the recruitment portal without any associated charges.

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Facts to Know About Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment

  • NPC is the Government agency responsible for the recruitment process.
  • NPC stands for National Population Commission, a Federal Agency responsible for several governmental responsibilities.
  • The recruitment exercises are transparent and free of charge for applicants who possess the required qualifications.
  • Regular updates and information regarding recruitment will be released to the public to ensure transparency and keep interested individuals informed.

Application Process and Closing Date

At present, the recruitment form for 2023 is available, and applications have commenced on the official recruitment portal

The closing date for applications has not yet been announced as of the time of publishing this article. Interested candidates are advised to visit the Recruitment Portal and fill out the application form promptly.



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