2023/24 Academic Session KNUST Fees Breakdown For All Departments

KNUST Fees – The management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has just released the school fees for the 2023/24 academic year. You can find all the details on the official school website.

To make it easier for you to understand, we’ve organized the KNUST tuition fees in a simple and clear table format. Here’s a breakdown of the school fee schedule for the 2023/24 academic year at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. If you need more information, feel free to check out the additional resources provided.

KNUST School Fees for 2023/24

The breakdown of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School Fees schedule for all departments for the 2023/24 academic session is published below. see more details.

College of AgricGhs 600.00
College of ScienceGhs 600.00
College of Art & Built EnvironmentGhs 600.00
EngineeringGhs 1,750.00
Allied Health Sciences/PharmacyGhs 1,350.00
Medicine/DentistryGhs 1,800.00

KNUST Humanities and Social Sciences Fees

KNUST CourseFees
Akan Langauge & CultureGH₵ 1,619.61
EnglishGH₵ 1,619.61
Political StudiesGH₵ 1,619.61
Geography &
Rural Development/ HistoryGH₵ 1,619.61
LinguisticsGH₵ 1,619.61
SociologyGH₵ 1,619.61
Social WorkGH₵ 1,619.61
French & Francophone studiesGH₵ 1,619.61
Media and comm. studiesGH₵ 1,619.61
Religious StudiesGH₵ 1,619.61
EconomicsGH₵ 1,619.61

KNUST College of Sciences Fee

KNUST CourseFees
Actuarial ScienceGH₵ 1,893.35
MathematicsGH₵ 1,893.35
StatisticsGH₵ 1,893.35
Computer ScienceGH₵ 1,893.35
Environmental ScienceGH₵ 1,893.35
Food Science & TechnologyGH₵ 1,893.35
ChemistryGH₵ 1,893.35
Biological ScienceGH₵ 1,893.35
BiochemistryGH₵ 1,893.35
PhysicsGH₵ 1,893.35
OptometryGH₵ 1,893.35
Meteo & Climate ScienceGH₵ 1,893.3

KNUST College of Engineering Fees

KNUST CourseFees
Agricultural EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Industrial EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Automobile EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Marine EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Telecom EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Petroleum EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Petrochemical EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Metallurgical EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Mechanical EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Materials EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Geomatic EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Geological EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Electrical & Electronic EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Computer EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Civil EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Chemical EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Biomedical EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60
Aerospace EngineeringGH₵ 1,772.60

KNUST College of Applied Science Fees

KNUST CourseFees
Bsc. Business AdministrationGH₵ 1,788.04
LAWGH₵ 1,772.60
Hospitality & Tourism MgtGH₵ 2,692.60
Chieftancy and Traditional Leadership studiesGH₵ 2,510.25
Communication DesignGH₵ 1,893.35
Textile Design and TechnologyGH₵ 1,893.35
Quantity SurveyingGH₵ 1,893.35
Real EstateGH₵ 1,893.35
Metalsmithing & Jewellery TechGH₵ 1,893.35
Land EconomyGH₵ 1,893.35
Human Settlement PlanningGH₵ 1,893.35
Fashion DesignGH₵ 1,893.35
Integrated Rural ArtGH₵ 1,893.35
Development PlanningGH₵ 1,893.35
Construction Tech. & mgtGH₵ 1,893.35
Ceramic TechnologyGH₵ 1,893.35
CeramicsGH₵ 1,893.35
ArchitectureGH₵ 1,893.35
Painting and sculptureGH₵ 1,893.35
Publishing StudiesGH₵ 1,893.35
AgricultureGH₵ 1,893.35
Agric BiotechnologyGH₵ 1,893.35
Agric Business MgtGH₵ 1,893.35
AquacultureGH₵ 1,893.35
Forest Resource TechGH₵ 1,893.35
Landscape DesignGH₵ 1,893.35
Natural Resources MgtGH₵ 1,893.35
Post Harvest TechGH₵ 1,893.35
Packaging TechnologyGH₵ 1,893.35

KNUST College of Health Science Fees

KNUST CourseFees
Disability & RehabilitationGH₵ 2,014.10
Herbal MedicineGH₵ 1,772.60
MidwiferyGH₵ 1,772.60
Medical ImagingGH₵ 1,772.60
Medical Lab TechGH₵ 1,772.60
PharmacyGH₵ 1,772.60
Physiotherapy and Sports ScienceGH₵ 1,772.60
Dip. Community Health Nursing(Upgrade)GH₵ 2,310.00
Dip. General Nursing(Upgrade)GH₵ 2,310.00
Veterinary MedicineGH₵ 2,012.62
Physician AssistantshipGH₵ 1,896.84
Human Biology(Medicine)GH₵ 2,012.62
Dental SurgeryGH₵ 2,012.62
Bachelor of Education (Science, ICT & Maths)GH₵ 1,772.60

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  1. Full payment of fees is required at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Students should make payment for the relevant fees, as indicated under A+B1+B2 and Residential Fees, into the KNUST MAIN FEES COLLECTION ACCOUNT.

Please pay attention to the following instructions based on your student category:

For Ghanaian Students:

Ghanaian students should pay the specified fees into the KNUST MAIN FEES COLLECTION ACCOUNT at any of the following banks:


For International Students:

International students should pay the relevant fees into the KNUST MAIN FEES COLLECTION ACCOUNT at any of the following banks:

  • GCB BANK (Gha)

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