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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

About The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships is a three-year program designed to train Engaged Leaders, equipping outstanding doctoral candidates with the skills to translate their ideas into action, for the betterment of their communities, Canada, and the world.

It is open to international students who are pursuing a doctoral degree at a Canadian university. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other expenses. Scholars are selected each year and receive leadership training in the context of Brave Spaces, in addition to generous funding for their studies.

The scholarship, which has a maximum three-year term and an annual value of $60,000, is meant to assist students in their pursuit of PhD degrees in the fields of human rights and dignity, civic responsibility, Canada and the rest of the world, and people and the environment.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships Timeline Breakdown

Institutes of Engaged Leadership

During the first year of the leadership program, Scholars attend the Institutes of Engaged Leadership across the selected locations in Canada and across the world. The weeklong events serves as a setting for learning sessions led by fellows and mentors, and for community building among scholars, fellows and mentors.

Organisation of the Impact Conference

After the first year, scholars are dedicated to building on the experience and leadership training received in the previous year. The scholars collectively organize a public conference in the second year.

The public conference is targeted at sharing the knowledge with the public and foster community dialogue on some key societal issues. Just like the first year, they receive guidance and support from Fellows and Mentors.

Presentation of Impact Conference

Scholars hold their conference event in the third year which is also their final year in the leadership program. The impact conference is any amazing opportunity to experiment with multiple range of knowledge dissemination practices and creative formats.

This is all in an effort to democratize knowledge and improve social inclusion.



Canada and select training centers across the world.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships Scholars Benefits

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars are eligible to get:

  • Membership in a vibrant community of Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines and sectors
  • Leadership training from our Mentors and Fellows, including unique experiential learning opportunities that enrich and complement their academic experience
  • Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s official languages (French and English) as well as Indigenous languages
  • Lifelong membership in the Foundation’s alumni network.
  • Up to $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses to focus on their doctoral studies and the Foundation’s leadership program
  • Up to $20,000 per year for three years, for the learning of languages (see below), for travel and accommodations for the Foundation’s leadership program and for research, networking, and travel related to their doctoral research

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships Eligibility

To apply to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be already accepted into or in year one or two of a full-time doctoral program, and expected to complete your doctoral studies in 2026 or later.
  • Your field of study is broadly related to the humanities or human sciences of direct relevance to the future of Canada; (please refer to the FAQ for more details and read up on past scholarship recipients)
  • Your doctoral work must relate to at least one of the Foundation’s Four Themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.
  • Be a Canadian citizen studying at a Canadian or foreign institution, or a non-Canadian (permanent resident of Canada or foreign national) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution.

Scholarship Portal – www.trudeaufoundation.ca/become-scholar

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