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Amotekun recruitment – In Southwest Nigeria, the Amotekun Corps was founded as a regional security organization in response to the urgent need for community security and protection. This thorough guide will bring you through the recruitment procedure if you are enthusiastic about helping your community and protecting public safety. This post will provide you the tools you need to join the forefront of community security and leave a lasting impression in your community, from comprehending the duties and responsibilities to fulfilling eligibility requirements and making plans for success.

About Amotekun 

Operation Amotekun is a joint southwestern security outfit that was formed by the government to protect citizens of the states involved from security crisis and attacks. If you want to apply for Amotekun Recruitment 2023 form, then you are on the right page. Amotekun is Yoruba Word that translates in English to “Leopard”. Their Motto is “Zero Tolerance to Crime”.

Governor Makinde of Oyo State has ordered the recruitment of 500 Amotekun Security personnels to boost the security presence within the state. If you want to be among those who will be selected for this recruitment, then make sure you read the requirements here very carefully.

Requirements for Amotekun Recruitment

Here are the requirements that will be needed for you to apply for Amotekun recruitment 2023:

  • First School Leaving Certificate.
  • Age requirement is 18-70 years.
  • Must be an Indigene of the state.

The above-mentioned are those things required before you can join the amotekun or be recruited into their security network. Please take note, these Amotekun recruitment requirements are very important and you should pay attention to them before you submit the application form.

The portal is still open for recruitment. Also, you will need your traditional rulers to sign as guarantors for you when applying for Amotekun recruitment. Application form can be obtained offline as well.

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Amotekun Salary

Amotekun Salary is N13,500.

How to Apply for Amotekun Recruitment 2023

Now, here is how you can apply for the recruitment online. Application form is free and you can start submitting the forms on Amotekun recruitment portal. 

  • Visit
  • Click on Openings/Jobs
  • Select ‘Amotekun Recruitment’
  • Create a profile
  • Login with your registered details and submit your application

Amotekun application form is free of charge. If you have been wanting to apply and join Amotekun, the form is still obtainable in the various Amotekun state offices. Fill it out and submit it to the appropriate authorities.

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