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Nigeria-based Moniepoint is a cutting-edge financial technology (fintech) company with a mission to reinvent how individuals and organisations interact with their money. Modern Point of Sale (POS) terminals and cutting-edge mobile payment solutions are at the core of our business operations.

People and businesses in Nigeria may perform electronic transactions easily thanks to our vast network of POS machines and user-friendly mobile applications. This covers a broad range of financial actions, such as paying bills, transferring money, and performing other crucial financial tasks.


In Nigeria, countless small businesses, retailers, and service providers have taken advantage of the POS terminals from Moniepoint to accept card payments, enable mobile money transfers, and speed up other electronic operations. Moniepoint actively supports the goal of financial inclusion in Nigeria by providing simple and convenient payment options to both urban and rural residents.

Moniepoint offers a wide range of financial services, earning a reputation as one of Nigeria’s most reliable mobile money platforms. This covers simple transfers, safe withdrawals, even buying airtime. Our broad network and solid infrastructure serve as a constant reminder of our dedication to encouraging African entrepreneurial dreams and advancing financial inclusion.


In conclusion, Moniepoint champions the cause of financial inclusion and assists individuals and businesses in realising their financial aspirations while providing a secure, practical, and effective platform that has made it the financial partner of choice for users across Nigeria.

MoniePoint Login

The procedure of logging into your Moniepoint account is quick and simple. To get started, follow these simple steps;


  • Visit the Moniepoint website or open the Moniepoint mobile app.
  • Enter your username and password correctly.
  • Click the login button to access your account dashboard.


MoniePoint Login Password Reset

If you happen to forget your password, don’t worry. You can reset it with these steps:


  • Go to the Moniepoint login page.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password?” link.
  • Enter your email address and submit it.
  • Check your email for instructions on resetting your password.
  • Follow the provided instructions to reset your password and regain access to your account.


  • Use a strong and unique password.
  • Avoid logging in from public computers or shared networks.
  • Never share your login credentials with anyone.
  • Log out of your account after each session.

By following these simple steps and keeping your account secure, you can easily login to your Moniepoint account and enjoy the various financial services it offers.


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