UBA USSD Code For All Transactions – *919#

UBA (United Bank for Africa) offers a convenient and efficient way for customers to perform a wide range of banking transactions through the UBA USSD code.

What is USSD Code for UBA?

The UBA USSD Code is *919#. With *919#, users can open a UBA account, transfer funds, buy airtime, pay bills, book flights, check account balances, and more, all from their mobile phones. This article provides a detailed guide on how to utilize the *919# USSD code for various banking activities, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

UBA Account Opening with USSD – *919#

Opening a UBA account has never been easier with the *919# USSD code. To open an account using the UBA USSD code, follow the steps below;

  • Dial *919# on your registered phone line.
  • Select the option for “Open a Bank Account.”
  • Follow the prompts to provide the necessary details and complete the account opening process.
  • Within minutes, your UBA account will be successfully opened.

Benefits of *919# Account Opening

  • Convenience: Open a UBA account anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone.
  • Quick Process: The *919# service allows for swift account opening in minutes.
  • Account Upgrade: Option to upgrade your account for higher transaction limits.

USSD Code for UBA transfer

With the *919# USSD code, you can easily transfer funds to UBA accounts, UBA prepaid cards, other banks, microfinance banks, fintech, and other institutions. Here’s how:

Transfer to a UBA Account

  • Dial *919*3*account number*amount# from your registered phone number.
  • Follow the prompts to authorize the transaction.

Transfer to a UBA Prepaid Card

  • Dial *919*32# from your registered phone number.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Transfer to Other Banks

  • Dial *919*4*account number*amount# from your registered phone number.
  • Follow the prompts to authorize the transfer.

Transfer to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & Other Institutions

  • Dial *919*6# from your registered phone number.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

UBA USSD Code to Buy Airtime

Running out of airtime or data? Use the *919# USSD code to top up conveniently. Follow these steps:

UBA USSD Airtime Top-up for Self

  • Dial *919*amount# (e.g., 9191000#) from your registered mobile line.

UBA USSD Airtime Top-up for Family and Friends

  • Dial *919*Phone Number*Amount# (e.g., *919*08123456789*1000#) from your registered mobile line.

UBA USSD Data Top-up for Self

  • Dial *919*14# from your registered mobile line.

UBA USSD Data Top-up for Family and Friends

  • Dial *919*14*Phone Number# from your registered mobile line.

USSD Flight Payment Codes For UBA

USSD code provides a convenient flight booking service. Follow these steps to pay for your flight:

  • Dial *919*12# from your registered phone number.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN and select the bank account to pay from.
  • Choose the desired airline and input the flight PNR (Passenger Name Record).
  • Enter the passenger’s phone number and payment amount.
  • Your flight payment is now complete.

UBA USSD Codes for Other Transactions

Aside from the main services, the *919# USSD code offers additional transaction options. Here are some of them:

Pay Bills

Dial *919*5# to pay your bills conveniently.

UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal USSD Code

Dial *919*30*Amount# to withdraw cash from UBA ATMs without a physical card.

UBA USSD Code to Freeze Online Transactions

Dial *919*9# to temporarily block online transactions on your UBA account.

Generate OTP USSD

Dial *919*8# to generate a one-time password for secure transactions.

UBA USSD to Block Debit Card

Dial *919*10# to block your UBA debit card.

USSD Code to Retrieve BVN

Dial *919*18# to retrieve your Bank Verification Number.

UBA Statement of Account USSD Code

Dail *919*00# to get your UBA Statement of account.

UBA USSD Transaction Limits and Charges

Here are the transaction limits and charges associated with using the *919# USSD code:

General Fees and Charges

S/NTransaction typeCharge (₦)
2Check Balance₦10‎
3Open a Bank AccountFree
4Subsequent transactions₦6.98

Funds Transfer Limits and Charges

UBA Transfer Limits

S/NMethod of AuthorizationPer transactionDaily
2Secure pass (Token)₦20,000₦100,000
3Secure Pass and Indemnity₦500,000₦1,000,000

UBA Transfer Charges

S/NTransaction typeTransaction Band (₦)Charge (₦)
1Send Money to UBA AccountAll20
2Send Money to Another bank₦0 – ₦5000₦10 + VAT
  ₦5,001 – ₦50,000₦20 + VAT
  Above ₦50,000₦50 + VAT
3Send Money to Prepaid CardAll₦50 + VAT

Airtime Limits and Charges

Airtime purchase is limited to ₦20,000 per day and only PIN authentication is required.

UBA Transfer Charges

S/NTransaction typeCharge (₦)
1Buy Airtime (self)Free
2Buy Airtime (3rd party)Free
3Buy Data (self)Free
4Buy Data (3rd Party)Free


  • Transaction Limits: The limits vary based on the method of authorization, such as PIN, Secure Pass (Token), or Secure Pass and Indemnity.
  • Transaction charges apply for specific services like funds transfer, airtime purchase, and flight payment. The charges are based on the transaction amount and transaction type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change/reset my PIN if I forgot it?

Dial *919# and select ‘PIN Setup’ to change or reset your PIN.

Can I register both my account and prepaid card on the same profile?

No, you can only register either your bank account or your prepaid card on the *919# USSD code platform.

What are the transaction limits available on USSD?

The existing limits are: PIN – N20,000 per transaction and per day, Token – N1 million per transaction and per day (for customers with a token but no indemnity).

Will I be charged when enrolling for the first time?

No, enrollment is free for new users. However, subsequent USSD sessions will incur a charge of N6.98 per transaction.

How do I register for USSD (Magic Banking)?

Dial *919# and select your desired registration option: “With UBA Account” or “With UBA Prepaid Card.”

UBA’s USSD code revolutionizes banking by providing customers with a convenient, secure, and efficient way to perform various transactions on their mobile phones. Whether it’s opening an account, transferring funds, buying airtime, paying bills, or booking flights, *919# offers a seamless banking experience. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, UBA customers can harness the power of the *919# USSD code and enjoy the magic of mobile banking.

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