Kuda Bank USSD Code For All Transactions – *894#

Kuda Bank USSD Code provides customers with a convenient and efficient way to access banking services. With this USSD service, Kuda Bank customers can perform various transactions using their mobile phones without the need for an internet connection. This article explores the features and functions of the Kuda Bank USSD code, guiding users on how to make the most out of this convenient banking service.

Kuda Bank’s *894# USSD code allows customers to access banking services directly from their mobile devices. It offers a wide range of features that include balance inquiries, fund transfers, airtime recharge, bill payments, and more. The USSD service is available to all Kuda Bank customers and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features and Functions of Kuda Bank USSD Code

The Kuda Bank USSD code, *894#, provides customers with a comprehensive set of features and functions. Here are the key services available through the USSD code:

Kuda Account Balance USSD Code

Customers can check their account balance by dialing 8940#. This service provides a quick and convenient way to stay updated on your account balance.

Kuda Transfer USSD Code

To transfer funds;

  • Dial *894*Amount*Account Number#.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the transfer securely.

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Kuda Airtime Recharge USSD Code

Self Recharge

  • Dial *894*Amount#.

Third-party recharges

  • Dial *894*Amount*Phone Number#.

Kuda Bill Payment USSD Code

To conveniently pay bills using the USSD code;

  • Dial *894*Amount*Biller ID# to initiate a bill payment transaction.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to select the biller and complete the payment.

Kuda Account Opening USSD Code

New customers can open a Kuda Bank account by dialing 8940#. This feature enables individuals to join the Kuda Bank community and enjoy the benefits of mobile banking.

Kuda PIN Change USSD Code

Customers can change their transaction PIN for added security. Dial 89400# to change your PIN and follow the instructions provided.

Kuda Transaction History USSD Code

To view your transaction history and track your banking activities, dial 894Account Number#. You will receive a summary of your recent transactions via SMS.

Kuda Cardless Withdrawals with USSD

Kuda Bank customers can withdraw cash from ATMs without using their physical debit cards. To initiate a cardless withdrawal, dial 894Amount#. Follow the instructions to generate a withdrawal code and complete the transaction at a Kuda Bank-supported ATM.

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