WEMA Bank USSD Code For All Transactions – *945#

Wema Bank provides its customers with a convenient and efficient way to perform banking transactions through the Wema Bank USSD Code. This service allows users to access a wide range of banking services such as sending money, buying airtime and data, paying bills, and making payments on POS terminals, all without the need for an internet connection. The best part is that it works on any kind of mobile phone, making banking easy and accessible for all customers.

WEMA Bank Account USSD Codes

These codes allow you to manage your Wema Bank account easily.

How to Check WEMA Account Balance with USSD

To get your WEMA bank account balance status;

  • Dial *945*0# to check your account balance.

WEMA Bank USSD Code to Change PIN

To change your PIN;

  • Dial *945*00# to change your PIN.

Change Account linked to Profile

To change the account associated with your WEMA Bank account;

  • Dial *945*2*OldAcctno*NewAcctno# to change your account details.

How to Register on WEMA Bank USSD

To get started on WEMA Bank USSD;

  • Dial *945*01# to register and profile

WEMA BAnk BVN Management Code

  • Dial 9454# to manage your BVN.

USSD Code to Block WEMA Account

To restrict your account instantly;

  • Dial *945*911# to restrict your account.

WEMA Account Activation with USSD

  • Dial *945*5# to activate your account.

How to open WEMA Account with USSD

  • Dial *945*1# to open a new account.

WEMA Bank USSD For Airtime

These codes allow you to perform transactions related to airtime, data, and transfers.

  • Airtime (Self): Dial 945amount# to recharge airtime for yourself.
  • Airtime (Others): Dial 945phoneNo*amount# to recharge airtime for others.
  • Airtime/Data: Dial 9459# to purchase airtime or data.

WEMA Bank Transfer Code

Transfers (Wema Account and Other Banks)

  • Dial *945*accountNo*amount# to transfer funds to a WEMA account or other banks.

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WEMA USSD Code For Loan

If you’re in need of a quick loan, Wema Bank has you covered with the following loan codes:

Quick Loan Code

Dial *945*65# to access a quick loan.

Salary-Based Loan Code

Dial *945*65# to apply for a salary-based loan.

WEMA Bank Codes For Cable TV Subscription

Manage your cable TV subscriptions using the following codes:

Cable TV Menu

Dial *945*10# to access the cable TV menu.


  • Dial *945*11# to manage DSTV subscriptions.
  • Use *945*11*smartcardNO# to specify the smartcard number.


  • Dial *945*12# to manage GOTV subscriptions.
  • Use *945*12*smartcardNO# to specify the smartcard number.


  • Dial *945*13# to manage Startimes subscriptions.
  • Use *945*13*smartcardNO# to specify the smartcard number.

Internet Service Codes

Manage your internet service subscriptions with the following codes:

  • Internet Service Menu: Dial *945*15# to access the internet service menu.
  • Smile: Dial *945*16# to manage Smile subscriptions.
  • Spectranet: Dial *945*18# to manage Spectranet subscriptions.

Electricity Bill Codes

Conveniently pay your electricity bills with the following codes:

  • Electricity Bill: Dial *945*24# to access the electricity bill menu.

Schools and Exams Codes

Check your WAEC and JAMB results with the following codes:

  • WAEC (Result Checking): Dial 94570# to check your WAEC result.
  • JAMB (Result Checking): Dial 94571# to check your JAMB result.

Wema Cardless Transactions Code

Perform cardless transactions with the following codes:

  • Mcash: Dial 94557# to make transactions with Mcash. Use 94557merchantcodeamount# to specify the merchant code and amount.
  • Coralpay: Dial 94558# to make transactions with Coralpay. Use 945000*REFno# to specify the reference number.

With the *945# USSD service from Wema Bank, banking has never been easier. Enjoy the convenience, simplicity, and accessibility of banking on the go. For further assistance or inquiries, you can reach out to Wema Bank’s customer support channels.

  • Call: 07000PURPLE (07000787753)
  • Email: purpleconnect@wemabank.com

Discover the world of hassle-free banking with Wema *945# USSD codes. Wema Bank is committed to providing exceptional financial services to meet your needs.

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